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Learn the languages for the web; HTML( Formatting language) and CSS in various exciting and smart ways to have a strong basic insight on website development. We will learn the formatting of a webpage using Hypertext Markup Language (HTLM) tags and add styling to the content of a webpage using Cascading Style sheet (CSS) rules. The course will not delve deep into certain CSS and HTML properties but will focus on many basic or common tags you'll mostly encounter in your journey as a website developer. Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style sheet's common tags and properties will be used to Italicize, bolden, underline, insert videos(local and online), insert images, and learn to link your web pages either locally or to an online page, linking to an email service and the likes. It would be of great help if learners actually practice along with the instructor other than copying or taking the course as a pop-corn course( watching the course and not getting hands-on experience).

We will learn to build mini-projects to help us familiarize ourselves with some HTML and CSS methods while building upon our frontend skills

Also, learners should look for mini-projects related to the course that they can actually be practicing with on the side just so they have some mini-projects for which they can build later.

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